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Importance of a morning ritual

Whatever you do first thing in the morning, it is very important to have a good morning routine because, for whatever reason, it does wonders for getting the most out of your day!

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Stretchery Organic Stories - Meet Prachi Gangwani

Prachi works as the Relationships Editor for iDiva, a woman’s lifestyle website. She is also the author of ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ which was published in June 2017 by Juggernaut Books. She is a Yoga lover and the anchor of iDiva’s original web show Real Girl Yoga.When she’s not writing or doing yoga, Prachi gets busy reading, playing with her cats, or daydreaming about her next vacation.  Prachi is now working on her second book, which is a commentary on how patriarchal principles harm men in the context of romantic relationships.  Why did you choose to write? When did you realize your calling? I’m a woman of many interests, and easily bored with one thing. But, one place where I...

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