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Our Story

You know when you have the best intentions for working out, but you just can’t find the right thing to wear?
This is how the story of Stretchery began.
Jeenie and Nirali, childhood friends who grew up in Delhi, moved away from each other and moved back and moved away again. Nirali studied design and worked for one of India’s top jewelry brands. Jeenie studied commerce and started exporting Indian dance costumes to dance schools overseas.
The friends’ lives collided. They kept in touch. They travelled together. And gossiped.
Why can’t we find something to wear to the gym or to Yoga? They wondered.
Jeenie, the more entrepreneurial of them, pitched the idea first. Nirali, a doyenne of design, was looking to change the direction of her life, and thought, why not this? They met in a café to discuss options. But being smart girls, a sensible warning ran through their heads: Is it a good idea to try to start a business with a friend?
They settled on the idea of sustainable and Organic
They flexed their inexperienced muscles, and several sleepovers, coffee sessions, research trips, and samples later, they launched Stretchery on August 1, 2014. Stretchery, a clothing line for consumers who seek connections with things they do, to make fashion meet fitness, making people more sensitive towards right clothing and environmental impact.
“Comfort to help you breathe easy, Style so you can flaunt it, and in line with your Conscience.”
Operating from two different continents, the distance between them is now constant, but the communication is also constant. The samples and research and coffee sessions now take place over Skype and Whatsapp messages.
Stretchery is open 24x7