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MoveMEANT x Rohini

Rohini Das is a visual artist via photography and installation with a passionate gypsy heart and an easy smile. She has traversed continents, from India to the UAE, Canada and back to India, to East Africa, and now, Goa. For a decade she spent her time as a documentary-reportage and fashion photographer, while working with indigenous people and telling their stories, to serving in a traditional boat and community building project in Kenya - Musafir. She has come to believe that service to people and the community has been an integral part of her existence. While her gypsy tendencies churrned at her feet, eventually all she really wanted was to find roots in a place she could call home. Today, movement for...

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MoveMEANT x Aisha

Aisha -a mechanical engineer by qualification and a 'growth facilitator & operations specialist' by profession, is enthusiastic about a range of cross-functional activities. She glides from engineering to sports management, and from inclusion to sustainability, and youth development. Her blog, “The Mustard Wall”, is her canvas displaying her passions, and anything and everything that she finds interesting and exciting. She firmly believes in living life to the fullest. From volunteering for football FIFA tournaments and INK talks, to managing IEEE activities across the globe, Aisha keeps herself immersed in experiences that transcend a 9-5 job.'Movement', to her, is the ability to be dynamic both mentally and physically. She says “it is more like being in a state of embracing spontaneous...

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MoveMEANT x Mallika

  Mallika - is a theatre artist whose work looks into issues of gender equality predominantly. Over the years, she has worked towards creating a space for her own voice. She started a women’s collective, “Women Walk at Midnight”- an initiative that aims to kick back the gendering of movement through forbidden spaces at forbidden hours. Earlier this year, she also put together the Zanana Ensemble, born out of the widespread anti-CAA movement, to poetries of rebellion, songs of freedom, and a sense of political assertion of their identities, along with Sex Chat Room that opens up a non-judgmental space to speak about pleasure and desire. For Mallika, 'Movement' signifies aliveness: “For me, apart from its physical meaning, movement is emotional, social, and political.” Mallika...

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MoveMEANT x Justine

Justine is a celebrity hairstylist, part-time model, competitive swimmer, and proud pet sitter. As a bisexual of mixed descent, she has always felt comfortable in her skin. She thus, simply, chose whatever she wanted to be and lived it. Genuine & fluid, she believes “When you live what you are, people accept that.” She mentions how these past few months have been remarkably eye-opening for her with regards to herself and the community at large. Movement for Justine is freedom - listening and allowing her body, mind, and soul to experience this life.   

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MoveMEANT x Surya

Surya Balakrishnan, an advertising filmmaker and documentary director is admired for the profound narratives that she captures through characters that revel in their genuine emotions. As a co-founder of 'Footloose Films', she has created myriad commercials for leading brands but at the same time, she is steeped in working for local projects and causes that are close to her heart. From raising funds for 'Nabhangan Foundation' to being one of the co-founders of Padsquad (working to distributing sanitary pads pan India), Surya refuses to stop moving. She credits her mother's extensive work in the social sector to have influenced her choices.'Movement' for her comprises dipping her toes in different waters - which grants her opportunities for evolution, learning, and tackling new challenges. She believes...

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