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OFF THE GRID : Balancing contrasts


At Stretchery we are constantly inspired by ‘you’. The ways in which you wear our clothes and what you tell us through that, find a way into our design process. Also, our interest in listening to you is not limited to just what you wear, but to how you feel, think and evolve. As an organic cotton wear brand while we stand for sustainability, we also understand the challenge of balancing conscious living in a fast-paced world. And we know that this is something ‘you’ do all the time.

Our all-new collection, Off the Grid, is inspired by this fine balance we all strive to achieve.

We understand that we live in a time of increasingly stark contrasts where we can access the world at the click of a button; See places we have never been to in three dimensions, buy things we have not touched, and read food menus in cafes across the planet; Yet, now more than ever we crave the simple joys of tangible physical experiences and long for meaningful acquaintances .


While living and functioning in what often seems like a diverse but linear environment that offers us a multitude of options, we try to live more in tune with our mind and body. And it is this dichotomy that our all-new collection, Off the Grid represents and celebrates.

Inspired by every individual’s effort to break free and live a life that is more active, sustainable and self-reliant, this collection features solid colours ranging from basic blacks to berry and plum and from dove grey to moody blues. Combining quirky details and stylised prints, this range of activewear is both versatile and multifunctional. The angular isometric grids in the print pattern have embedded details of a mechanical grid and human figures in workout-activities. The collection comprises of apparel for both men & women with an attempt to bring a harmonious balance between design and function. The idea of many possibilities, of more but with less.

Given that our active wearers remain central to our design process, when we see you multi-purpose the same garment for a plethora of activities, we try and build that into our design. The designs with peek-a-boo cut-outs offer the wearer the ability to customise the garment by changing up what you combine it with. Not only that, they add to the sensuality of the garment, making it feminine and body defining without being literal.



We believe that attention to intangible details go a long way in creating interest and define our vision of ‘less is more’.

So, go ahead and browse our all new range created with immense effort energy and dedication and tell us how and where you would wear it. And we hope that as you balance the paradoxes of living well but living consciously you find the comfort and flexibility that can make all the difference to your journey and the choices on the way.




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